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Learn How to Bet on Kabaddi Fantasy Sports

A huge difference exists between regular kabaddi betting and kabaddi fantasy sports betting. With regular kabaddi betting, you are wagering money on the outcome of a game, and you can enjoy the best odds and markets. However, kabaddi fantasy sports offer a better and different experience. You can create your own fantasy kabaddi team and add players of your preference.

But before we go into details of how to bet on kabaddi fantasy sports, let’s highlight some main points you should consider.

  • Kabaddi fantasy sports betting differs from regular kabaddi betting as you are not betting on a kabaddi event.
  • You must create your own kabaddi fantasy team and add players.
  • You will earn points for the real-life performance of the players in your fantasy kabaddi team.

How to Bet on Kabaddi Fantasy Sports Step-by-Step

Kabaddi fantasy sports betting is fun and simple. It is a unique form of gambling where you assume the manager role, creating a team and deciding which players will feature. As a result, you must be current with the kabaddi fantasy league you are playing to make the best decisions on the players to use and stand a chance to win. 

Let’s discuss how to bet on kabaddi fantasy sports step by step.

Step 1 Choose a Kabaddi Sports Betting Platform

To start betting on kabaddi fantasy sports, you need to choose a gambling platform that offers it. You can check out our list of top kabaddi fantasy sports betting platforms and register with anyone of your choice. Usually, once you follow our link to the gambling platform you choose, you will see a registration/sign-up button to click to access the registration form. Fill out the registration form with your correct details and verify your account. It’s also worth pointing out that some platforms have downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices.

Choose a Kabaddi Sports Betting Platform
Step 2 Deposit

With your fantasy sports betting account created, the next step is to deposit money. India’s best fantasy sports platform accepts a wide range of banking options such as UPI, AstroPay, WebMoney and so on. As a result, the deposit process should be simple. If the operator has a welcome bonus for new players, you can consider claiming it. However, it is important to check the terms and conditions that apply to the bonus before claiming it.

Step 3 Choose a Kabaddi Fantasy Contest

After funding your kabaddi fantasy sports betting account, you have to choose a kabaddi fantasy contest to compete in. At the best gambling sites, you will see a broad list of contests, some specific to Indians and others global.

Choose a Kabaddi Fantasy Contest
Step 4 Create your Fantasy Team

Once you select your preferred contest and follow the instructions provided by the gambling operator, you should get to a section where you can create your fantasy kabaddi team. Start giving the team a name of your choice, and you can then add players. However, note that you will be given transfer funds to get players, so make sure you are smart with how you use it. Depending on whether it’s a daily or weekly kabaddi fantasy contest, you can change up your lineup for a game, offload players and add new ones daily or weekly.

Create your Fantasy Team
Step 5 Compete with Other Players and Earn Points

After your team is set up, you will be drawn into a schedule. This is when the real fun begins, and you start competing with other punters. You will earn points for each player’s performance in real life. These points will be added together, and you win if it’s higher than your opponent’s.

Compete with Other Players and Earn Points

Tips for Playing Kabaddi Fantasy Sports

Unlike some casino games, kabaddi fantasy sports betting has some element of skill. If you want to be successful in participating in this form of gambling, you must adopt some strategies. Let’s talk about a few important details you must pay attention to in kabaddi fantasy sports for a better experience. 

Punters in every kabaddi fantasy sports betting platform are given transfer funds or points to add players to their fantasy team. Use these points wisely, and don’t get tempted to add only the highest-value players, as you won’t be able to fill up your team. 

To succeed in kabaddi fantasy sports betting, you must select the right players capable of scoring high points. Thus, when adding players to your team for an encounter, take some time to study their performances. Check their stats for information that will help you know how well they have performed in the past and whether they have what it takes to perform in a particular game.

You don’t want to select a player who won’t play in your fantasy team. If a player does not play, you get 0 points for him. So it is important you stay up-to-date with the latest kabaddi news in the league, tournament or contest that you chose. This will help you know if a player is injured or rested so you can sub him off. 

Lastly, you want to choose your matches wisely so you know when to play and when not to. It’s best to only play when you are confident that the players in your team will perform and get you high points. 

While we’ve explained how kabaddi fantasy sports betting works, you need some hands-on experience. But before you start playing for real money, we recommend you first test your skills by playing the free version. You play free kabaddi fantasy sports at our top gambling sites, and once you are confident with your game, you can switch to the real money version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is an online kabaddi game where you assume the manager role that creates a team and selects kabaddi players. You will get points for the real-life performances of your players. 

You can win real money from kabaddi fantasy sports betting. However, you must play with real money or use a bonus to do that. You win if your total points in a match are higher than your opponent’s points. But note that when using a bonus, you may need to fulfil a wagering requirement.

According to the gambling law in Indian states where gambling is allowed, it is legal to play skill games. Kabaddi fantasy sports betting is a skill game, making it perfectly legal in India. Nevertheless, you must play at a licensed gambling platform and be of legal age.

Yes. Most betting platforms that offer kabaddi fantasy sports betting are mobile-optimised. This allows you to play on your smartphones and tablets. Some operators even have native iOS and Android fantasy sports apps you can install on your device. 

You can choose players in the fantasy kabaddi league you selected. Each player is worth some transfer points, so consider that when adding players to your fantasy team.