The Complete Guide to Slots


Learn How to Play Slots

Slots are easy to play. They are luck-based games, and you can learn how to play them within minutes. In fact, slots are the perfect game for newbies just starting out online casino gambling. You can play at your pace with no dealer or other players interfering with your game. All you need to do is place your bet, and you are good to go.

Here are some main points about slots that you should know:

  • Slots come in different types, such as classic, branded, 3D and progressive jackpot slots.
  • Every slot game has a layout comprising reels, rows and paylines.
  • Paylines can be fixed or adjustable, depending on the slot.
  • You can trigger bonus features in most slots.
  • You can trigger bonus features in most slots.

How to play Slots step-by-step?

In this section, we will explain the steps involved in playing slots. Slots have the same basic rules, but some types may have additional rules on how to win, especially when the payline system is different. Regardless of the additional rules, the goal is usually to line symbols in a particular fashion to win, and the payout is according to the paytable specified in the game. 

Let’s discuss the steps in playing slots.

Step 1 Set Your Paylines

The first step in playing online slots is to set your paylines. In a fixed payline game, you automatically have to bet on all the available lines. However, in an adjustable payline slot, you can choose the number of lines you want to bet on.

Set Your Paylines
Step 2 Set Your Bet

The next step is where you place your bet. You will need to set the coin value and bet level to arrive at your preferred bet amount. But be aware that every video slot has a betting limit, and you cannot bet more than that. Your bet per line will be multiplied by the paylines you’ve activated to determine the total bet amount for that game round. In most modern slots, you will have the option to set the total bet amount directly, and you can also use the Max Bet option to place the maximum bet possible.

Set Your Bet
Step 3 Spin the Reels

After setting your bet, you can click the Spin button to spin the game’s reels. The symbols will move randomly during the spinning and stop once the spinning ends. Modern online slots let you use an Autoplay feature to set the reels to spin consecutively for a selected number of times. This way, you won’t have to click the spin button after every round.

Spin the Reels
Step 4 Winning

Winning in online slots involves landing a number of the same symbols on a payline. However, in a cluster pays slot, you must land the same symbols side by side, usually from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. The winning amount is determined by the value of the symbol or symbols that form the winning combination, and this can be found in the game’s paytable information. It is worth pointing out that some slots come with a cascading reel feature, allowing you to land multiple wins in a single spin.

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Playing Slots in a Real-life Casino

Slots are not limited to only the online version. You can also play them in real-life casinos, and their basic rules and gameplay are the same. At land-based casinos, the slots are on a console machine with a lever and/or buttons that you can push to set your bets and spin the game’s reels.

What Makes a Good Slot Game?

You should play a good slot game to enjoy the best chance at winning. Understand that slots come in various shapes and sizes, so what you may find exciting may be less exciting to another player. Nevertheless, there are many factors you can consider to choose a good slot, and we will discuss a few of them.

The RTP of a slot is the percentage of the total amount wagered on it that players can expect to receive as winnings in the long run. Higher RTP slots are better since it means players can get to win more. In fact, the average industry standard for a good online slot RTP is 96%. 

The volatility of a slot is the risk associated with playing it. Higher volatility slots have higher risks, meaning you won’t enjoy frequent winnings playing them. However, when you do win, the payout is usually massive. On the other hand, lower volatility slots have lower risks, and you can expect frequent small winnings playing them. Medium volatility slots fall in the middle of high and low volatility. 

The best online slots often have incredible bonus features that players can trigger. These features are usually linked to a bonus symbol like wilds or scatter, and they can come in different forms, such as free spins, multipliers and re-spins. 

This is another factor to consider when choosing a good online slot. The maximum amount you can win from the game should be decent. This explains why progressive jackpot slots are popular since they can offer players millions as winnings. 

What Are Some Basic Slot Rules?

Understanding the basic rules of slots is important if you are considering playing the game. And the good news is that while there are hundreds of thousands of online slots, the basic rules that apply are the same. If you are playing an online slot, you can check the game’s information menu to see the instructions and rules on how to play it.


A slot is played by one player. It is a computerised game that involves little human interference. The game uses Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of each spin. This also makes things fair, and every player has the same chance of winning.


These are the icons that populate the reels of the game. They can be of different categories, high-paying, medium-paying and low-paying symbols. Besides, most online slots use icons related to their theme as symbols.


You can click the Spin button after specifying your bet to spin a slot’s reels. Once you’ve clicked the spin button, there is no way to undo your bet, and you can only wait for the reel to finish spinning to know if you’ve won.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Slots are computerised casino games where you spin the reels, and the symbols move randomly. They are fun to play and available on desktop computers and mobile devices. 

To win in slots, you must land the same symbols on a payline. In cluster pays slots, you must land the same symbols side by side on the reels from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. 

Yes. States with legal gambling in India allow players to bet on slots. However, you must play at a licensed casino and be of legal gambling age.

You can play different types of slots at Indian casinos, such as classic, 3D, multiplier, classic and progressive jackpot slots. 

You can find the best online casinos in India that offer exciting slots on our platform. These online casinos partner with numerous leading providers and offer incredible slot bonuses.