A Comprehensive Guide On How To Play Ludo

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Learn How to Play Ludo

You will be surprised to know that the roots of the Ludo game head back to 3300 BC. Modern-day innovation has made it easier for gamblers to play it online as the game craze is no longer limited to offline. You can play Ludo on your smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Though the experience of playing it online and offline is highly different, both are amazing. You can play the online RNG version at your own pace with other players breathing down your neck.

Consider these key points to have in mind before playing Ludo.

  • Opening the giant board, you will see four tokens in each box.
  • Depending on the variants, the ludo game is played between two to four players.
  • Whichever token you choose, activate them by rolling six once.
  • Take all four tokens out of the yard and move them around the board to reach Home.
  • Scatter all your tokens on the board to distract your opponent from capturing them.

How to Play Ludo Step-by-Step?

If you know the offline playing techniques, you are also acknowledged within the rules of handling it in online versions. The game's objective remains the same, but you will notice a few dissimilarities in online versions of playing Ludo. Here comes this guide for your convenience.

Step 1 Select Your Bet

The traditional Ludo board will have a maximum of 4 players, but some boards also have a 6-player option. In Ludo, you choose a chip value at the start to be your bet amount. The bet amount is placed in the right corner of the screen and displayed in rupees. Each time you roll a dice on the board, you stake a bet at the selected value.

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Step 2 Rolling off the Dice

On your turn, roll the dice clockwise by clicking the start button. The start button is on the Ludo screen; you can quickly notice it. Roll a six on the dice to unlock one of the four tokens. The player's focus is to move the token toward the 'Home' quadrant before the reach of the opposite team.

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Step 3 Move your Tokens

Each time you roll the dice, the resulting number declares how many steps you can move ahead by counting the boxes in completing the board. You can move with any active tokens by rolling the numbers whenever possible. Remember, activating your quadrants indicates when you can roll six on the dice.

Move your Tokens
Step 4 Land on the Multipliers

Like slot games, Ludo has also been infused with multipliers spread all over the board, including 1x, 2x, and 3x. Manage your token to land on one of those multipliers to elevate points and win that multiple of your bet!

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Step 5 Try to Put all your Tokens at 'Home'

Put all your tokens in the Home quadrant quickly to get good payouts. Roll the dice and be strategic on your every step to achieve the center for an 8x multiplier! Try to roll the exact number on the dice that directly takes you to the Home box at one chance.

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Playing Ludo in a Real-Life Casino

Have you ever fancied yourself as a potential Ludo player? Yes, then imbibe the rules on our page and start wagering on real money Ludo games to uplift the chance to score real money winnings. Its online version gives a real-life casino ambiance to the players. Apply basic rules, except for the recent addition of features in the online version. Different game variations include the multiplier and skull symbol. To play this game at a land-based casino, follow the given step-by-step guide to place your bet at the right place and win securely.

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What are Some Basic Ludo Rules?

Like every casino game, Ludo also infuses playing rules to follow. It helps you know every moving stance of the game. We will provide you with some needful playing rules, regardless of their variations, that would help you in making a win.

Online Ludo is played with a maximum of four players. Each player chooses their color, and they have to move with the same color to the entire board and reach Home to win. You can make a team with each player controlling two tokens. It helps optimize token movements by scattering them to the entire board to capture opponents' tokens easily.

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You may stopped by a barrier between the gameplay when two of your tokens collide in the same box. The barriers prevent other tokens from passing; hence, none can be captured. You can break the barrier immediately if a player rolls the dice and drops even numbers.

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How can you capture your opponent's token in that giant board? Do you have any idea? Here is a trick. Getting the number of boxes where the token is sitting can help you capture other's tokens. The captured token would return to its house, and the player has to roll a six again to activate it. By capturing the token of an opponent team, you can gain more points, and the chance of winning the game becomes high.

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Ludo games come with different variants, and every variant has its characteristics. For example - Ludo Supreme provides an extra turn on rolling six on the board. Even Ludo Ninja provides an extra turn on capturing opponents' tokens and reaching your token to 'Home.'

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Can you gain some winning points when the game is active? Yes, on killing others' tokens, you get a chance to increase point values. Other ways to increase winning points include using XP power-ups and special tokens during the gameplay. On every Ludo variant, one box is moved equal to one point, and you can get 56 points on reaching the Home quadrant.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Ludo is a simple, loving game of Pachisi that originated in the 6th century in India. This vibrant board game invites 2 to 4 players to participate in a race with their tokens by rolling the dice from start to finish. It has many variations and gives lucrative payouts when bet with real money on them.

To win in Ludo, reach Home with all your tokens before your opponent reaches it. You can use various tricks to gain more points to increase your winning chances at the end of the game.

Ludo is a fun game played for decades by children and adults. Due to the introduction of its online version, many people are betting on it to get the fun of gambling, dispensing good payouts. Remember to play from a licensed and authorized casino site for a good measurement of your safety and security level.

Surprisingly, many Indian casinos have introduced exclusive Ludo variants in their gaming list. Amongst them, the most famous names are - Ludo Ninja, Ludo Leagues, Supreme Ludo, and many more. You can play any one of them with real money and get the fun of gambling.

Yes, you can win money from this game. Ludo pays well when playing with real money from a registered casino platform. You need to know the game rules smartly to gain the points that come your way once you take a move.