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Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites in 2023

Despite being in a country almost devoid of ice, Indian gamblers still love to place bets on ice hockey, especially the NHL. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and offers gamblers a great opportunity to bet live, so it comes as no surprise why it’s such a popular betting sport in India. On this page you’ll find:

  • The best online sports betting sites for ice hockey
  • How to bet on ice hockey in India
  • Ice hockey betting tips and strategies
Best sites for Ice Hockey Betting in India

Our expert reviewers have tested hundreds of online sports betting sites, assessing security, payout speed, bonuses and more. Find the five that came out on top below.

Payment Period
1-3 Days
Payment Methods
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Payment Period
1-5 Days
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Payment Period
3 Days
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Payment Period
0-7 Days
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1-5 Days
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How we Review the Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites

We take huge pride in our reviews and always ensure that they’re the best online. They are comprehensive, containing as much information as possible, and each sportsbook review takes days to write. Below you’ll find the six main aspects we look at when reviewing online sports betting sites…

Fully licenced and certified

To be recommended by us, a site must be independently regulated by an official authority such as eCOGRA, and have an official gaming licence. If a site hasn’t been approved by the National Indian Gambling Commission, it simply won’t make it onto our list.

Excellent odds

The best sites offer consistently high odds, and we examine sites carefully to determine exactly how generous they are. By playing at a recommended site, you’ll always get the biggest wins possible.

Secure site

Every site we recommend is completely secure, so your personal details will always remain safe. This is because we only ever recommend sports betting sites that use SSL encryption for all transactions.

Customer service

We expect a top online sports betting site to offer live chat, which should be accessible 24/7. What’s more, a site should offer phone and email support, as well as a detailed FAQ section.

Bonuses and promotions

The best ice hockey betting sites will offer a large welcome bonus, as well as bonuses with fair terms and conditions. Other bonuses, such as enhanced odds and free bets, should also be offered.

Payment options

All top online betting sites will allow you to deposit using credit/debit card, e-wallets and more. Some will even let you deposit using Bitcoin. The more payment options, the better the site’s rating.

An Introduction to Ice Hockey Betting

The first ice hockey game was played back in 1875, in Montreal, Canada. There are now professional leagues throughout the world, including in North America and many European countries, however there’s no professional ice hockey league in India. You’ll find a brief rundown of the rules of ice hockey below…

  1. Two teams, of six players each, contest every ice hockey match, with unlimited substitutions can occur at any time.
  2. The game takes place over 60 minutes, with the match split into three 20-minute periods.
  3. The goal of the game is to get the puck into the opposing team’s net. Doing so adds one goal to the scoring team’s tally.
  4. The team with the most goals at the end of the game is declared the winner. If there’s a draw, overtime is usually played.
  5. The puck can be passed in any direction. This wasn’t once the case, meaning all passes had to be backwards.
  6. A player is offside if they’re in the offensive zone when another attacking player hits the puck into the offensive zone.
  7. Players can be sent from the ice for specific offences and are not replaced by another player, thus giving their team a disadvantage.
  8. Fighting is prohibited, however fights regularly break out. They’re seen as one of the biggest draws for ice hockey fans.
Introduction to betting on Ice Hockey in India
How do I sign up to a Ice Hockey Betting Site?

How to Sign Up to an Ice Hockey Betting Site

  1. Choose from one of the sports betting sites we recommend.
  2. Head to the site using your desktop or mobile browser.
  3. Click the “Sign Up” option (or something similar).
  4. Fill out all details carefully and then submit the form.
  5. Reply to an email the site will send.
  6. You’re now fully signed up with the sportsbook!

How Ice Hockey Betting Odds Work

We know that odds can sometimes be confusing, so we’ve explained how ice hockey betting works below. When you’ve finished reading this section on ice hockey betting lines explained, you’ll realise that odds are actually very simple!

Pittsburgh Penguins: 1.50 (1/2)Philadelphia Flyers: 3.50 (5/2)

Above you’ll see two types of odds. The first is decimal, while the second is fractional.

The team with the lowest decimal odds assigned to them are the favourites, so a successful bet on them will yield a lower prize.

To work out how much you will win, just multiply your bet by the decimal odds. So, a successful 100 rupee bet on the Flyers would lead to a total prize of 350 rupees (250 rupees of profit plus your initial stake).

To work out prizes using fractional odds, divide the first number in the fraction by the second. Then multiply your bet by the resulting figure. You’ll then need to add on your stake.

Understanding odds really is that easy. We’d recommend heading to a recommended sportsbook and practicing by placing a few small ice hockey bets - you’ll soon understand the odds completely!

Learn how Ice Hockey Betting Odds work

How to Bet on Ice Hockey

There are loads of different markets for ice hockey enthusiasts to bet on, with several ways in which to bet. Check out the list below to see some of the bets you can make online…

Most Popular Online Ice Hockey Bet Types

Moneyline bets - These are also called match bets and they’re the simplest wager. Just choose which of the two teams you think will win.

Over/under - The sportsbook will decide on a certain value, such as 5.5 goals in the match. You then decide whether there will be more or less goals than this.

Puck line - This is also called handicap betting. One team is deducted goals in order to balance the matchup. You then predict which team will win when the puck line is taken into account.

Parlay bets - When you combine two or more bets, it’s called a parlay bet. For example, you might combine the score with the first goalscorer. Both bets have to be good in order for you to win.

Prop bets - This is when you bet on a specific incident happening in the game, such as whether a player will be ejected from the game.

The Grand Salami - Like an over/under bet, however you’ll be betting on the total goals scored in every encounter in that round of games.

Popular Bet Types for Ice Hockey
Strategies and Tips for Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Betting Tips & Strategies

Bet in-game - Live betting is perfectly suited to ice hockey. Are you able to use your ice hockey knowledge to read the game and correctly predict what will happen next?

Mobile betting - Nowadays, all top ice hockey betting sites allow gamblers to bet using their smartphone or tablet. The result? You’ll never miss the opportunity to place a bet online.

Study the form - Ice hockey is a game with loads of stats, and the best ice hockey gamblers can analyse the stats and come up with bets that have the best chances of being winners.

Best Ice Hockey Tournaments

While the NHL is the most famous of all ice hockey contests, there are also other big leagues and tournaments as well. Markets from the following competitions are regularly offered at the best ice hockey betting sites.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics come around every four years and ice hockey is one of the biggest attractions. It has been a part of the schedule since way back in 1920.

World Ice Hockey Championships

This tournament is held annually and is organised by the IIHF. 16 teams compete in the main championship group, while 24 teams compete in lower levels.

World Cup of Hockey

This tournament has been around since 1996 and replaced the Canada Cup. Tournaments have been played irregularly though, and it’s unknown whether there will be another.


The National Hockey League is the biggest ice hockey league in the world. It features 31 teams - 24 from the USA and 7 from Canada. There are two conferences: the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Eight teams from each NHL conference qualify for these playoffs. Winning the Stanley Cup is arguably the pinnacle of any ice hockey player’s career.


The Kontinental Hockey League takes place in Russia, however also features teams from some other countries. It’s considered the second biggest ice hockey league in the world, after the NHL.


We’ve put together a list of the top recommended ice hockey betting sites above, but which one you choose is down to preference. The world of sports betting is always changing though, so a new site could jump to the top of the table at any point. Check back regularly to ensure you’re always playing at the best ice hockey betting site.