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The world of online gambling can come with its own language. If you are having issues with the jargon and the terms found in the online casino industry, our team of experts are here to help. Simply browse the glossary provided or quickly jump to the term you’re after for more information.

Our professional casino and gambling glossary covers casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo, and so much more!

ABS Poker (poker term)

The standard way of playing poker, which can be predictable.

Accumulator (gambling term)

An accumulator bet combines four or more options into one wager. The accumulator only pays if all the included bets win.

Across the board (horse betting term)

A betting ticket that covers the horse to win, place and show.

Action (casino term)

Playing in a casino.

Also, a player’s turn to act in a casino game.

Action (sports betting term)

The number of wagers placed for an event.

Add-on (poker term)

The option to add more chips in a poker tournament, for an extra fee.

Admission packet (bingo term)

The minimum requirement for taking part in a bingo game.

Against the spread (ATS) (sports betting term)

Betting on the underdog in a sporting event.

Aggregate limit (casino term)

The maximum payout that can be obtained from a casino game in one round.

Aggressive (poker term)

A player that frequently increases the bet in poker.

All or nothing (bingo term)

A bingo ticket that is successful if all or none of the numbers are drawn in one round.

All-in (gambling term)

A poker player betting their entire amount of chips in a hand.

American Roulette (roulette term)

A popular variant of roulette where the wheel has 38 pockets, two of which are green for "0" and "00".

Anchor (blackjack term)

The player in the position right before the dealer.

Annuity (lottery term)

An instalment of a lottery jackpot that is paid over a period of time.

Ante (poker term)

The needed stake to take part in the action in a poker game.

Ante post (sports betting term)

A bet that predicts the outcome of a future event.

Arbitrage (gambling term)

Betting on both outcomes of an event with different companies in order to guarantee a profit regardless of the results.

Baccarat (baccarat term)

A casino card game that is played between two hands. Players can bet on either of the hands to win, or on the result being a tie. Hand rankings are calculated based on the sum of the dealt cards. The aim is to get to as close to the number nine as possible.

Back door (poker term)

A poker hand completed by the last two cards to be dealt on the table.

Back hand (poker term)

A player's first hand of five cards that remains the strongest.

Backed (sports betting term)

The team on which the bet has been placed.

Bad beat (poker term)

Losing with a hand that had a very high likelihood of winning.

Banco (baccarat term)

The "House" or "Bank" side in baccarat.

Banco (roulette term)

Betting all the available funds in one wager.

Banker (casino term)

The person playing the role of the dealer or the house. The role normally changes after every round.

Bankroll (casino term)

The amount of money available for betting on casino games.

Barrel (poker term)

Betting multiple times in a poker hand.

Batsman matches (cricket term)

The previous games of the player on the batting side.

Beamer (cricket term)

An illegal delivery where the ball reaches the batsman at head height.

Beard (poker term)

The person used to place bets for another player in order to conceal their identity.

Behind (poker term)

A position where the hand has a lower chance of winning than the opponent's hand.

Bet (gambling term)

An amount of money placed on a specific outcome.

Betting limit (gambling term)

The minimum and maximum bets that can be placed by an individual per round.

Betting tax (gambling term)

The cost of placing a bet.

Big blind (poker term)

The mandatory bet required from the player sitting in the second position on the left of the dealer. It is twice the size of the "small blind".

Big blind special (poker term)

Winning the hand because the other players at the table did not want to take part in the action.

Bingo (bingo term)

The winner in a classic game of bingo who completes a row or a column, normally marked B, I, N, G, and O.

Bingo (casino term)

A gambling game where the winner is the participant who matches all the required numbers on the ticket.

Bingo board (bingo term)

A large display that shows the balls selected randomly from the urn.

Bingo book (bingo term)

The set of cards played at the same time by one player in one round of bingo.

Bingo card (bingo term)

A ticket with 24 randomly selected numbers on a 5x5 layout and a blank space in the centre. Used for playing bingo.

Blackjack (blackjack term)

A starting hand of two cards that has a total value of 21. Made with an Ace and a card worth 10 points.

Blackout (bingo term)

A game where all the numbers on the card must be matched in order to win.

Blank (poker term)

A card on the board that doesn’t influence the hand rankings.

Blind (poker term)

A forced bet used in some games of poker.

Blind bet (poker term)

A bet placed without looking at the dealt cards.

Blocker (poker term)

A card held by one player and needed by another.

Bluff (poker term)

A bet that creates the illusion of the player having a strong hand, when the hand is weak.

Bluff catcher (poker term)

A hand that can only win against a bluff.

Board (poker term)

The community cards that are dealt on the table facing up and can be used by any of the players involved in the round.

Bones (casino term)

A term used for a pair of dice.

Bonus (casino term)

A special offer awarded by the casino for players in order to encourage them to bet. An online casino bonus is often applied on a deposit and it provides extra funds or other incentives.

Bonus ball (lottery term)

An extra ball selected during the draw that gives players more opportunities to claim prizes.

Bonus point (kabaddi term)

An additional point earned when the raider steps over the marked bonus line.

Bonus round (slots term)

A special mini game where the player can win additional prizes. Bonus rounds often consist of free spins or picking games.

Book (gambling term)

An establishment where players can place bets on sporting events.

Bookmaker/bookie (gambling term)

A person that accepts wagers on sporting events.

Bottom pair (poker term)

A pair of cards made with the lowest ranking card on the board.

Break (blackjack term)

A hand that goes over 21 points and is automatically a loss.

Brick (poker term)

A card on the board that isn’t useful for the players.

Bring in (poker term)

Betting first in a new poker hand.

Broadway (poker term)

A poker hand made of 10-J-Q-K-A.

Bug (poker term)

A limited wild card added in Draw Poker or Pai Gow Poker, often represented by the Joker card. It can be used as an Ace or as a missing card needed to complete a flush or a straight.

Bump (poker term)

A small raise.

Buried pair (poker term)

A pair obtained from the two cards dealt first when playing Stud.

Burn card (poker term)

A discarded card that is not used in the round.

Bust (blackjack term)

Going over 21 and losing the hand.

Button (blackjack term)

The player in the dealer position; gets dealt last and is the last one to act.

Buy-in (poker term)

The sum of money required to enter a poker game or tournament.

Buy-price (gambling term)

The amount of money that it costs to make a bet.

Call (poker term)

Matching the current bet.

Canadian (sports betting term)

A bet where all the selections have the same influence on the total return.

Calling station (poker term)

A player who matches bets frequently but rarely increases them.

Canadian line (sports betting term)

A format that combines a point spread and a money line for a hockey event.

Cap (gambling term)

The maximum number of wagers or bet size accepted for an event.

Capping a bet (blackjack term)

An illegal move where the player adds more chips to the bet after the dealer started the hand.

Card shark (poker term)

A high-skilled player looking to take advantage of less-experienced opponents.

Caribbean Stud (poker term)

A popular casino table game played against the dealer. Each player receives five cards facing down, while the dealer gets five cards with one facing up. There are two betting rounds.

Carte (blackjack term)

A request to be dealt another card.

Cash bonus (casino term)

A casino bonus that adds playing funds to the account. For example, new players can get a 100% cash bonus on the first deposit, thus doubling the bankroll. The offer is usually subject to wagering requirements and other terms.

Cashback (casino term)

A bonus refund credited to players based on their losses.

Casino (casino term)

An establishment that offers gambling games and other betting opportunities.

Casino advantage (casino term)

Represents the expected player loss when betting. For example, a casino advantage of 5% means that the player theoretically loses $5 when betting $100.

Chalk (sports betting term)

A team or athlete favoured to win the match.

Chalk player (sports betting term)

A gambler who only bets on the favoured side to win.

Chase (gambling term)

When a player tries to win back the losses by betting more money.

Chat room (casino term)

A live chat group where players can communicate with each other via text.

Check (poker term)

A move in poker where the player opts to remain in the hand without increasing the bet.

Check in the dark (poker term)

Performing a check before seeing the dealt cards.

Check raise (poker term)

A combination of moves where the player initially opts to check and then increases the bet even more after an opponent raises.

Checked around (poker term)

A scenario where all the players who acted up to this point opted to check and not raise.

Chemin De Fer (baccarat term)

A Baccarat variant where the participants play against each other and take turns acting as the Bank.

Chinese poker (poker term)

A Poker variation where each player must form three hands out of 13 dealt cards. Points are then assigned by comparing the strength of the hands with the other players.

Chip and a chair (poker term)

A popular expression referring to the fact that even a player with one chip left in a poker tournament can still go on to win it all.

Chips (casino term)

Round discs of different denominations meant to replace actual money in casinos. They can be bought when entering the casino and exchanged back into cash at any time.

Chop (poker term)

Sharing the accumulated pot among the players taking part in the hand due to a tie.

Chop the blinds (poker term)

An agreement between players to take back the blinds when there is no action on a hand.

Choppy game (poker term)

A poker game where the players go back and forth without any big changes in the long term.

Circled game (sports betting term)

An event where the volume of accepted bets is limited due to various unpredictable factors, like weather and recent injuries.

Clear (poker term)

Cancelling the selected bets before the game begins in order to start over.

Closing line (sports betting term)

The last betting odds displayed by the bookmaker for an event before it starts.

Cold (slots term)

A slots game that has been paying less than its theoretical payout rate recently.

Cold call (poker term)

Matching the raise made by one or several players.

Cold table (gambling term)

A scenario where all or most of the players at the table have been losing for a while.

Colour up (casino term)

Exchanging chips of a smaller denomination into ones of a higher value.

Column bet (roulette term)

A bet placed on a column of 12 numbers as they are arranged on the table.

Combination bet (horse betting term)

Placing bets on multiple options in one ticket in order to get a higher payout if all selections are successful.

Combo draw (poker term)

A hand that can be improved into something considerably stronger by two or more paths.

Commission (baccarat term)

A fee that is taken from the winnings when betting on the Banco side in Baccarat.

Community cards (poker terms)

The cards dealt on the table facing up that any player can use to make their strongest hands.

Comp points (casino term)

Free points offered by casinos when betting to reward players. Points are normally part of a loyalty program and can be used to redeem cash or other prizes.

Complete (poker term)

A complete hand is a combination of five cards that cannot be improved any further in the current round.

Connectors (poker term)

Two or more cards that have consecutive ranking. For example, 4 and 5.

Continuation bet (poker term)

A raise made by the same player who raised in the previous betting round.

Coordinated (poker term)

A board with cards of consecutive rank or of the same suit.

Copy (poker term)

Two players having the same cards.

Corner bet (roulette term)

A wager placed on four numbers that are on adjacent positions on the table. The chips are placed on the shared corner.

Correlated parlay (sports betting term)

Two bets that are connected. If one of the bets wins, the odds of the second one being successful also improves.

Counterfeit (poker term)

When a hand that doesn’t change its value becomes less likely to win after one or more community cards are dealt.

Coup (poker term)

A complete game round in poker.

Cover (sports betting term)

A bet on the team winning versus the provided spread.

Crack (poker term)

Winning against a strong starting hand, like pocket Aces.

Credit (casino term)

A type of loan offered by the casino for players to continue betting.

Croupier (roulette term)

The person operating the wheel, collecting the bets and paying the winnings. Also known as the dealer.

Cut (blackjack term)

Splitting the deck in two and then swapping the parts around for a more random shuffle of the cards.

Cut off (blackjack term)

The seat located on the right side of the dealer.

Cycle (video poker term)

The number of hands between very large payouts in a video poker machine.

d'Alembert (roulette term)

A betting strategy where the bet is increased by one staking unit after a loss in the hopes of winning more and covering the previous losses.

Dead heat (betting term)

When the horse race has two or more runners ending in a tie.

Deal (poker term)

The action of distributing the cards.

Dealer (casino term)

The person distributing the cards, collecting the bets and paying the respective winnings to the players.

Deposit (casino term)

A payment made to a casino account in order to have funds for playing the available games.

Deposit bonus (casino term)

A promotional offer awarded upon deposit to reward players. For example, a 100% deposit bonus will match the transaction in bonus funds.

Deuce (poker term)

The 2 card.

Dime line (sports betting term)

A betting option where the bookmaker takes a 10% commission.

Dividend (gambling term)

The potential return for every currency unit wagered.

Dog (sports betting term)

A term used to describe the team or player with the lower odds of winning the match. It is used a shortcut for "underdog".

Dog player (sports betting term)

A gambler who mostly bets on the underdog to win.

Dolly (roulette term)

The marker used to highlight the winning number on the table after a spin of the wheel.

Dominate (poker term)

The hand that is very likely to win over another hand.

Door card (poker term)

The first card facing up in Stud Poker.

The first card dealt on the flop in Texas Hold'em.

Double down (blackjack term)

The action of doubling the initial bet and only receiving one additional card.

Double for less (blackjack term)

Increasing the bet by less than its initial amount and getting one additional card.

Double or nothing (blackjack term)

Betting the same stake again for a new game.

Doubling up (gambling term)

Using the winnings from a previous bet as the stake for another bet.

Down card (blackjack term)

A card facing down that cannot be seen by the players or the dealer.

Down to the felt (gambling term)

Being out of money.

Dozen bet (roulette term)

A bet placed on 12 consecutive numbers as grouped on the table.

Dragon hand (poker term)

A hand dealt while the player is away from the table.

Draw (blackjack term)

Requesting an additional card.

Draw (lottery term)

The random selection of the winning numbers.

Draw (poker term)

A hand that has the potential to become strong with the right cards.

Draw no bet (betting term)

A feature where bettors receive their wagers back if the result is a draw.

Draw poker (poker term)

A variant of poker where the players receive five cards and can replace any or all of them once in an attempt to create the strongest hands possible.

Drawing dead (poker term)

A situation in which the player has no chance of getting a hand stronger than that of the opponent.

Drawing thin (poker term)

There are very few cards that can make the hand stronger.

Drift (gambling term)

A bet where the odds increase over time, indicating a smaller likelihood of the selection being successful.

Drop (poker term)

Folding the current hand.

Drop percentage (casino term)

The amount of money won by the casino due to game house edge.

Dry (poker term)

Used to describe a board with cards that cannot help create very strong hands, like a Flush or a Straight.

Each way (sports betting term)

A bet used in horse racing that covers two outcomes: the selected horse to win the race or to place.

eCOGRA (casino term)

Short for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is an independent company that verifies and certifies casino operators and game developers for being fair and secure.

Edge (gambling term)

An advantage that improves the chances of winning.

Eighty-sixed (86'd) (casino term)

Getting banned from a casino due to foul play.

En prison (roulette term)

An extra feature found in some roulette variants where half of the losing even-money bet is held in place for another spin if the result is 0, giving players a free chance at getting the wager back.

Encryption (casino term)

The use of complex codes in order to keep sensitive information secure from other parties.

Equity (poker term)

The expected value of the hand calculated by the size of the pot multiplied by the probability of winning.

European roulette (roulette term)

A popular variant of Roulette that uses a wheel with 37 pockets, only one of which is green and is numbered 0.

Even money bet (gambling term)

A bet where the player receives double the size of the stake if successful.

Exotic (horse betting term)

A bet placed on more than one outcome.

Expectation (gambling term)

A term used in poker to refer to the profitability of a specific hand or variable over a long period of time.

Exposure (sports betting term)

The amount of money wagered that can be lost if none of the selections are successful.

Face (bingo term)

One card used for playing bingo.

Face card (poker term)

A card that is Jack, Queen or King.

Favourite (sports betting term)

The team or player expected to win the match.

Ficheur (roulette term)

A device used for separating chips based on colour in order to keep track of the bets placed by all players.

Fifth street (poker term)

The fifth and final card to be dealt on the board as part of the community cards. Also known as "the river".

Figure (gambling term)

The amount of money owed to/by a bookmaker.

Fill up (poker term)

Getting the last card needed to complete a very strong hand, like a Flush or a Full House.

Final (roulette term)

Placing bets on the numbers that end in the same digit. For example, the final 4 refers to bets on 4, 14, 24, and 34.

Final four (sports betting term)

Betting on the last four teams to remain in a major tournament.

Final schnaps (roulette term)

Betting on 11, 22 and 33.

First base (blackjack term)

The seat on the left of the dealer. The player is first to receive cards.

First half bet (sports betting term)

Betting on the outcome of the first half of a match.

First over total runs (cricket terms)

A bet on the number of runs scored in total in the first over of a cricket match.

First wicket method (cricket terms)

A bet predicting the way in which the first wicket will be taken. There are six possible outcomes.

Fish (poker)

A poker player who is not very experienced and doesn’t play well.

Five card Charlie (blackjack term)

A hand that is made from five cards and doesn’t exceed 21. The player gets an automatic win in specific versions of the game.

Five card stud (poker term)

A popular poker variant where each player receives five cards, three of which are facing up and are visible to the entire table.

Fixed game (gambling term)

A game in which the results are set ahead of time, consequently violating the regulations of fair gambling.

Fixed odds (gambling term)

Odds that are set from the start and do not change, regardless of the number of bets taken.

Flag (betting term)

A wager made of 23 bets made from four selections.

Flash (casino term)

Software that allows players to enjoy online casino games without downloading casino software.

Flat betting (gambling term)

Using the same size stakes for different bets.

Flat call (poker term)

A match of the raise without further increasing the bet.

Flat top (slots term)

A machine with a fixed jackpot instead of a progressive amount.

Flea (sports betting term)

Used to describe a bettor who is not particularly active but often demands extra bonuses.

Flop (poker term)

The three cards facing up dealt first on the board.

Flush (poker term)

A hand where the five cards have the same suit.

Fold (poker term)

An action where the player doesn’t want to pay the current bet and opts to leave the hand.

Forecast (sports betting term)

A bet made from multiple selections predicting the specific order in an event or tournament.

Foul (poker term)

A hand that is cancelled due to mistakes or irregularities, like cards flipping during the deal.

Fouling a hand (poker term)

Making a mistake that causes the hand to be ruled as unplayable, like dropping the cards on the ground.

Four corners (bingo term)

A pattern that requires players to match the four numbers in the corners of a card in order to win.

Fourth street (poker term)

The fourth card to be dealt on the board as part of the community cards. Also known as "the turn".

Free card (poker term)

A situation in which all the players participating in the hand opt to check, and thus get to see another card without paying anything.

Free space (bingo term)

A position on the bingo card that doesn’t have a number and can be used to form a winning pattern. Normally assigned to the centre square.

Free spin (slots term)

A bonus round that doesn’t require a real money bet but can still generate a real payout.

Freeroll (poker term)

A poker tournament that doesn’t have an entry fee.

A poker hand where one of the players is guaranteed at least a part of the pot.

Freeze-out (poker term)

The standard poker tournament type where players don’t have the option to re-buy.

Front hand (poker term)

The hand consisting of two cards formed after splitting the seven cards in Pai Gow Poker.

Full house (poker term)

A hand made of three cards of the same rank and two cards of another rank.

Full toss (cricket term)

A throw where the ball reaches that batsman without it bouncing first.

Full ring (poker term)

A cash game played with more than six players, usually nine, ten or eleven.

Futures (sports betting term)

Bets that are posted a long time ahead of the events. For example, the winner of a major tournament.

Full cover (gambling term)

A bet made of all the possible multiples on the given selections.

Garbage hand (poker term)

A weak hand that will lose in most scenarios.

Getting down (gambling term)

Placing a bet.

Goliath (gambling term)

A complex multiple bet made of 247 entries from 8 selections.

Good length ball (cricket term)

A delivery with the ball bouncing in the middle of the distance between the bowler and the batsman.

Grand salami (sports betting term)

A bet placed on the total goals scored across all the NHL games taking place on a specific night.

Grand slam (tennis term)

Winning the four major tennis tournaments in the same calendar year.

Grid (sports betting term)

The display showing the available betting options at a given time.

Grind (poker term)

Earning small profits over a long period of time.

Gutshot (poker term)

A hand that can be turned into a straight but is missing one of the cards in the middle of the combination.

Half time bet (sports betting term)

A bet predicting the results after the first half of the game.

Hand (gambling term)

A round of play.

The cards held by a player.

Hand behind (poker term)

A combination of five cards shown after the two-card hand in Pai Gow Poker.

Hand in front (poker term)

A combination of two cards displayed ahead of the five-card hand.

Handicap (sports betting term)

The points deducted from a team for the final result in order to make the betting options even. Also known as "point spread".

Handicapper (sports betting term)

An experienced bettor who calculates the point spreads carefully before placing a wager.

Handicapping (sports betting term)

The process of doing research and trying to predict the most likely outcome of an event.

Handle (sports betting term)

The total number of bets placed on a sporting event.

Hard hand (poker term)

An incomplete hand that is unlikely to become the winning hand.

Hardway (bingo term)

Completing a pattern on a line without using a free space.

Heads ups (blackjack term)

A Blackjack game with only one player and the dealer.

Hedging (sports betting term)

Placing a bet against the original wager in order to reduce the losses or eliminate them completely.

Heinz (gambling term)

A complex multiple bet made of 57 bets on six selections from different events.

High bet (roulette term)

A bet that covers the numbers from 19 to 36 in Roulette.

High card (poker term)

A low-value hand that doesn’t have a pair and is ranked based on the highest card.

High hand (poker term)

The five-card hand with the best ranking in the current round.

High poker (poker term)

The standard poker variant where the winner is the one holding the highest-ranking hand.

High roller (casino term)

A casino player who spends a large amount of money on bets.

Hijack (poker term)

The seat located in the second position to the right of the button.

Hit (blackjack term)

Requesting another card to be dealt.

Hit (slots term)

Getting a winning combination on a spin.

Hole cards (blackjack term)

The two cards facing down that each player at the table receives.

Home field advantage (sports betting term)

The edge a team is expected to have when playing on their own field.

Hook (sports betting term)

A half point normally added by bookmakers to eliminate the possibility of a tie.

Hot (casino term)

A casino player that has been winning a lot lately.

Hot (slots term)

A slots machine that has been paying out more than usual.

Hot game (sports betting term)

A sporting event where a large number of bets have been placed.

Hot table (casino term)

A table where the players have been winning recently.

House (casino term)

Represents the casino side.

House edge (casino term)

The built-in advantage that the casino has in the provided gambling games. It represents the amount of money a player is expected to lose per bet over a long period of time.

House way (poker term)

The clear rules that the players and the dealer must follow at the table.

Idiot end (poker term)

The first two cards in a straight. Also known as "ignorant end".

Implied odds (poker term)

A way of calculating the expected value of a hand when faced with a bet while considering the current size of the pot, as well as the additional bets that might be placed on future streets.

In and out teaser (sports betting term)

Betting on the favourite, the underdog, and on the over/under option.

Index betting (sports betting term)

A bet where the payout or the cost are based on the number of points the selection wins or loses by.

Inside bet (roulette term)

A wager made by placing chips on the inner side of the table. It can be for one number or for up to six consecutive numbers.

Inside straight draw (poker term)



A potential straight that is currently missing one card in the middle.

Instant win (lottery term)

A ticket where the prize is revealed to the player immediately after the round is over.

Insurance (blackjack term)

An extra betting option available when the dealer is showing an Ace. It pays if the dealer gets 21 with the two starting cards.

Isolate (poker term)

A raise meant to make one or more players fold with the purpose of continuing the hand one-on-one with the remaining player.

Jackpot (gambling term)

A payout that is much larger than the standard prizes offered in the respective game.

Jacks or better (poker term)

A popular Video Poker variant where a hand must have a pair of Jacks or a higher ranking in order to award a payout based on its strength.

Joint favourites (sports betting term)

Two or more teams that are expected to win and have the same odds in a tournament.

Joker (poker term)

An additional card in the deck that generally plays the role of a wildcard, being able to play the role of any card needed to complete a strong hand.

Juice (sports betting term)

The added cost to a bet, representing the commission taken by the bookmaker.

Junket (casino term)

A group of high rollers brought to casinos with the purpose of gambling big amounts of money.

Kicker (poker term)

A card in the hand that does not determine the ranking but can break ties if it is the case.

La grande (baccarat term)

French for "the big one". It is the best starting hand, worth 9 points.

La petite (poker term)

French for "the little one". It is the second-best starting hand, worth 8 points.

Lady (poker term)

The Queen cards.

Lay down (poker term)

Folding a hand.

Lay odds (sports betting term)

The probability of something not to happen. A bet made against the featured odds.

Laying the points (sports betting term)

Betting on the favourite to beat the spread.

Laying the price (sports betting term)

Betting on the favourite in a money line event.

Layoff (sports betting term)

A bet made against the selection with the goal of reducing liability.

Leg break (cricket term)

A type of delivery where the ball changes its direction after hitting the ground due to a spin effect.

Lengthen (sports betting term)

A betting option where the odds get higher, indicating a lower likelihood of the side winning.

Let it ride (poker term)

A casino variation of Five Card Stud Poker where the goal is to get a pair of Tens or higher out of the five cards available.

Limit (gambling term)

The minimum or maximum amount of money that can be wagered in a round.

Limit (sports betting term)

The minimum or maximum bet that can be placed on a sporting event.

Limp (poker term)

Calling the big blind before the flop without increasing the bet.

Linemaker (sports betting term)

The side making the betting lines. Also known as the "bookmaker" or "oddsmaker".

Lines (sports betting term)

The betting odds available for a sporting event.

Live dealer games (casino term)

Casino games played with real dealers shown by live video. Players can place their bets on the online interface while seeing the action unfold live at the tables.

Lock (gambling term)

A bet that can't lose in the given scenario.

Long odds (sports betting term)

A low chance of winning. Generally, 10-to-1 or higher.

Longshot (gambling term)

A bet that is unlikely to be successful.

Lona (kabaddi term)

A bonus worth two points given when the opposing team is entirely out.

Loose (poker term)

A poker player who calls and bets a lot, even with hands that are not that great.

Low bet (roulette term)

A wager made on the 1-18 numbers in Roulette.

Low hand (poker term)

A combination of cards that are low ranking.

Low poker (poker term)

A poker variation where the winner is determined based on the lower hand.

Lump sum (lottery term)

A jackpot awarded in one payment at a given time, instead of multiple smaller instalments over a long period.

Maniac (poker term)

A poker player who bets a lot, even with weak hands, and takes a lot of risks.

Margin (sports betting term)

The amount added by the bookmaker when creating the bets. Also known as "juice".

Martingale (roulette term)

A betting strategy where the player doubles the size of the bet after a loss. The stake resets once a win is achieved and the previous bets are covered, plus a profit from the initial wager.

Matchplay (sports betting term)

A scoring system used in golf where players receive points for every hole where they win against the opponents, instead of the stroke play system.

Middle (sports betting term)

Betting on two opposing outcomes with different bookmakers in order to take advantage of the difference in odds. A successful middle bet is when both wagers are successful.

Middle hand (poker term)

The second hand of five cards created in Open-Face Chinese Poker. It must be better or equal to the top hand of three cards, and weaker or equal to the bottom hand of five cards.

Middle pair (poker term)

A pair made with a community card that isn’t the highest on the board, or the lowest.

Miss (poker term)

Not getting the needed cards to make the desired hand.

Money line (sports betting term)

An American odds format that shows the amount of money a player must bet to win $100, or the winnings on a $100 wager. For example, a -150 money line requires a $150 bet for the chance to win $100. A +150 money line means that the profit would be of $150 on a $100 bet, if successful.

Monkey (poker term)

A derogatory term used to describe a poor playstyle in Poker.

A card worth 10 points in Blackjack (10, J, Q, or K).

A card worth 0 points in Baccarat (10, J, Q, or K).

Monster (poker term)

A very powerful hand that is almost guaranteed to win.

Most match sixes (cricket term)

A bet on the team getting the most sixes in a match. A "six" is a shot that goes over or just touches the boundary without bouncing or rolling. It is worth six runs for the batting side.

Most run-outs (cricket term)

A bet on the team that gets the most run-outs. A "run out" is a dismissal made by a player in the fielding side while the player at the bat is out of the crease.

Move the line (sports betting term)

A change in the odds made by the bookmaker in order to keep the action equal on both sides.

Morning odds (sports betting term)

The first odds displayed for an event, usually in the morning or even the day before.

Muck (poker term)

Folding a hand.

Discarding the hand without showing the cards after the round is over.

The pile of discarded cards.

Multiplier (poker term)

A special wild card that will also double or triple the payout when used.

Multi-table tournament (MTT) (poker term)

A poker tournament that has at least two tables of players.

Multi-tabling (poker term)

Playing online poker on at least two tables at the same time.

MVP (sports term)

The "Most Valuable Player" represents the participant with the best performance of the match or tournament.

Natural (blackjack term)

A hand of two cards worth a total of 21 points. Also known as "Blackjack".

Natural (poker term)

A hand that doesn’t have any wild cards.

NBA (sports term)

The National Basketball Association. The largest professional basketball league for men taking place every year in North America. It features 30 teams competing for the title.

NFL (sports term)

The National Football League. A professional tournament for American football taking place every year. It has 32 teams, which are divided into two conferences. The tournament takes 17 weeks to conclude.

NHL (sports term)

The National Hockey League. The premier professional tournament for ice hockey in North America, featuring 31 teams from the United States and Canada.

No action (sports betting term)

A betting option that isn’t selected by any players. It can get removed by the bookmaker.

No limit (gambling term)

A gambling option that doesn’t have a maximum limit for bets.

No deposit bonus (casino term)

A promotional deal where the players receive free funds, free spins, or other rewards without having to make a deposit at the online casino.

Nosebleed (gambling term)

A game with very high betting stakes.

Nut low (poker term)

The lowest possible hand in each scenario when playing high/low games.

Nut nut (poker term)

Holding the lowest possible hand and the highest possible hand in a round of high/low poker.

Nuts (poker term)

The best possible hand that can be formed in a specific situation.

Odds (gambling term)

The numerical expression of the probability of something to happen.

Odds against (gambling term)

A display indicating that the team or player is not favoured to win.

Odds on (gambling term)

Odds that are better than 1:1, representing the favoured side to win.

Off break (cricket term)

A type of delivery used in cricket where the ball will change its direction from the offside to the leg side after bouncing off the ground.

Off the board (sports betting term)

A sporting event that was removed by the bookmaker from the list of betting options.

Off track (sports betting term)

Bets in horse racing that are not made on the track, but from a different location.

Off suit (poker term)

Cards that aren’t of the same suit.

Omaha (poker term)

A popular variant of poker played with one deck of 52 cards by two or more participants. Each player receives four cards, out of which they must use three. Five community cards are dealt on the table facing up and players must use two to make their best hands of five cards.

On (bingo term)

A card that is only one number short of getting Bingo.

On tilt (poker term)

A player who is emotionally upset or frustrated after a loss and starts to play poorly as a result.

Online casino (casino term)

A virtual version of a casino where players can enjoy a wide variety of games for free or for real money.

Open (poker term)

The action of betting first in a round of poker.

Open-ended straight draw (poker term)

A hand that can be turned into a straight with the right card on either end of the combination. For example, a 4-5-6-7 hand can become a straight with a 3 or with an 8.

OTB (sports betting term)

Short for Off-Track Betting, represents bets on horse racing made outside of the racetrack.

Out (poker term)

A card that can improve the current hand into one that is very likely to win.

Outdraw (poker term)

Getting better cards than the opponent, resulting in a stronger hand.

Outlaw line (sports betting term)

Betting odds that are made available by bookmakers only to a few players, usually professional gamblers. The line is then changed according to the action and released to the public. A practice that used to be illegal.

Outside bet (roulette term)

Bets made by placing the chips on the positions found on the outer parts of the table. Each wager covers 12 or 18 numbers.

Outsiders (sports betting terms)

Teams or players who are not expected to win.

Over card (poker term)

A hole card of a higher rank than the cards available on the board.

Over pair (poker term)

Two hole cards of the same rank, which are higher than any of the cards available on the board.

Over/under (sports betting term)

A betting option predicting if the total for the selection will be higher or lower than the specified number.

Overbet (poker term)

Betting an amount larger than the current pot.

Overdrawn (bingo term)

A number that has been selected frequently in recent games. It is also called "hot".

Overdue (bingo term)

A number that hasn’t been selected much in recent games. It is also called "cold".

Overlay (poker term)

The difference between the prize pool guaranteed by the host for a poker tournament, and the amount of money raised by collecting buy-ins from the players. If the guaranteed pool is not met, the host puts the difference, which is known as the overlay.

Overlay (sports betting term)

A combination of good odds and a high likelihood of the bet being successful.

Paint (poker term)

Any Jack, Queen or King card.

Pair (poker term)

A hand with two cards that have the same rank.

Parlay (gambling term)

A bet that is made of two or more selections linked together. All bets need to be successful for the parlay to offer a payout.

Pass (poker term)

Not calling a bet. Normally used to announce that the player is folding.

Passive (poker term)

A playstyle in poker characterized by frequent calls and checks, with very few raises.

Pat (blackjack term)

A starting hand of 17 or higher, where the player doesn’t request any additional cards.

Pat (poker term)

A hand completed from the first five cards dealt to the player.

Patent (gambling term)

The patent is a bet made of seven wagers for three selections. It features a Trixie, three doubles and three singles.

Pay table (poker term)

A list of the payouts offered for specific hand rankings.

Payline (slots term)

A line that goes across the screen and on which winning combinations can be formed when matching symbols appear. Generally, three or more symbols must be on adjacent positions on the line and they must start from the leftmost reel.

Payoff (gambling term)

The winnings received after a successful bet.

Permutations (betting term)

Placing bets on multiple selections, without all of them having to be correct in order to receive a payout. Permutation betting takes several selections and turns them into different wagers, which can be singles, doubles, trebles, and so on.

Picks (sports betting term)

The betting selections.

Pineapple (poker term)

A poker variant that is like Texas Hold'em. The difference is that players receive three hole cards and must discard one before the flop.

Place (poker term)

Finishing in the top three in a poker tournament.

Playthrough requirement (casino term)

A term which forces the player to bet a received bonus a certain amount of times before it can be withdrawn. Also known as wagering requirements.

Pocket cards (poker term)

The two cards dealt facing down for each player. Also known as hole cards.

Pocket pair (poker term)

Having the two hole cards of the same rank.

Point spread (sports betting term)

A betting equalizer displayed in points in order to create two even sides. A bet on the favourite side is successful if the team wins by the specified number of points, or more. A bet on the underdog is successful if the team wins or if it loses by fewer points than in the spread.

Poker (poker term)

A casino game that comes in many variants, most of which maintain a similar set of rules that includes the way the hands are scored.

Pokies (slots term)

A term used to describe slots machines. Mostly used in Australia and New Zealand.

Position (gambling term)

The side selected when placing a bet.

The seat at a poker table based on the dealer button.

Post (poker term)

To place the obligatory bet for the Big Blind or the Small Blind.

Pot (poker term)

The chips accumulated in the round from the antes, blinds, and bets made.

Pot limit (gambling term)

A type of poker game where the maximum bet that can be placed is equal to the size of the pot at that given time.

Pot odds (poker term)

Calculated as a ratio between the current pot and the bet required to continue playing the round.

Powerball (lottery term)

A popular form of lotteries where the main prize, also known as the jackpot, is awarded when a ticket matches all five numbers, plus the additional bonus ball, which is often called the power ball.

Press (gambling term)

Betting a bigger amount of money.

Press a bet (gambling term)

Using the previous winnings as the stake for a new bet.

Price (sports betting term)

The odds provided for a betting option. Also known as a point spread.

Progressive jackpot (slots term)

A prize that increases by a fixed percentage of the bets placed by players over a network of games. The prize can be won all at once and then resets to start the process again.

Progressive slot (slots term)

A slots machine that offers a growing jackpot, as opposed to a fixed maximum payout.

Proposition bet (sports betting term)

A side-bet on an event that is not directly related to the final score of the match. Proposition bets can cover a wide range of options for the popular games. Also known as prop bets and novelty bets.

Puckline (sports betting term)

A type of point spread used in ice hockey, mostly for NHL games. It adds and subtracts points to the sides to create an equal playing field.

Pull tab (lottery term)

A special ticket where the numbers or symbols are obstructed by a small piece that needs to be pulled in order to reveal the results.

Punter (gambling term)

The person making the bets.

Punto (baccarat term)

Represents the player side in Baccarat.

Punto banco (casino term)

The most popular variant of Baccarat where both hands are played out based on fixed drawing rules.

Puppy (sports betting term)

The team less likely to win the event. Also known as the underdog.

Push (blackjack term)

A tie where both the dealer and the player have the same ranking hands. The bet is returned to the player.

Quads (poker term)

A hand with four cards that have the same rank. Also known as four of a kind.

Quarter bet (roulette term)

A bet placed on four numbers that are displayed on adjacent positions on the table. Also known as a corner bet.

Rabbit hunt (poker term)

After the poker round is over, the dealing of the cards that would have been given out if the hand continued.

Rag (poker term)

A card of low value that doesn’t help the player in any way.

Raid (kabaddi term)

The action of entering the court of the opposing team in order to win a point by touching a defender.

Rail (casino term)

The outskirts of a poker table that would separate the spectators from the playing field.

Rainbow (poker term)

A mix of three or more cards, each of a different suit. Often used to describe a flop.

Raise (poker term)

Increasing the size of the stake in a betting round.

Rake (poker term)

A commission taken by the casino for covering the costs of running a poker game. The rake is based on the pot and can normally be between 2.5% and 10%, up to a certain limit.

Random number generator (slots term)

A complex set of algorithms designed to ensure that the outcome of a round cannot be predicted, thus keeping the game fair at all times.

Rank (poker term)Rank (poker term)

The value of each card individually, defined by its number or symbol.

The strength of a hand.

Re-bet (gambling term)

Placing the same bets as in the previous round.

Re-buy (poker term)

Entering a poker tournament again by paying the fee after being eliminated.

Redraw (poker term)

A hand that is currently good but has the potential of becoming even better with the right cards.

Reels (slots term)

The spinning columns of symbols in a slots machine that stop to reveal a random mix of icons. Most machines use three or five reels.

Reload bonus (casino term)

A promotional offer that gives players extra funds or other rewards when making subsequent deposits after getting the welcome bonus.

Represent (poker term)

Playing as if holding a specific hand. Players can represent a hand without having it in order to confuse their opponents.

Return (gambling term)

The winnings obtained on a wager.

Reverse tells (poker term)

Intentionally using body language, small expressions, and conversations to give incorrect hints to the opponents regarding the value of the current hand.

Ring game (poker term)

A poker game played at only one table, where players can join and leave freely.

River (poker term)

The fifth and last card dealt facing up on the board.

Rolled up (poker term)

A starting hand in Seven Card Stud where all three cards are of the same rank.

Roulette wheel (roulette term)

The rotating piece of equipment with 37 or 38 pockets on it. Each pocket is numbered and coloured according to set rules and the result of a round is determined by spinning the wheel and throwing a small white ball inside. The winner is the pocket in which the ball stops.

Rounder (poker term)

An expert poker player who makes a living out of playing poker.

Round robin (gambling term)

A wager that covers all possible combinations for three selections. It is made of 10 bets.

Royal flush (poker term)

A hand of five cards made of a 10, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of the same suit. It is the strongest hand in poker.

Royalties (poker term)

Additional bonuses won when having strong hands in special variants of poker.

A term used for the face cards (Jack, Queen and King).

Run down (sports betting term)

Updating all the odds, lines, and scores.

Runline (sports betting term)

A spread for bets in baseball used to replace the standard money line.

Runner (sports betting term)

A person who goes and places the bets for other people.

Scalper (sports betting term)

A bettor looking to take advantage of the difference in odds at various bookmakers by placing bets on two opposing sides in a match.

Scare card (poker term)

A card dealt on the board that increases the likelihood of the opponent having a stronger hand.

Scared money (gambling term)

A player that is afraid of losing and doesn’t want to take any big risks.

Scatter symbol (slots term)

A special icon that can form combinations from any positions. While normal combinations in slots must be on paylines, scatters generate payouts regardless of their positions when two or more appear on the screen. They can also have additional features, like the ability of trigger free spins or a bonus game.

Scoop (poker term)

Winning the entire pot, the low and the high halves, in a high/low poker game.

Scouts (sports betting term)

Bettors who are always on the search for the best betting options.

Scratch (horse betting term)

When a horse scheduled to take part in a race is taken out of the line-up.

Scratch card (lottery term)

A lottery ticket that has the symbols hidden behind a thin layer of opaque material, which must be removed in order to reveal the results.

Second pair (poker term)

A pair made with the second highest ranking card on the board.

See (poker term)

Calling a bet.

Semi-bluff (poker term)

Placing a large bet meant to represent a very strong hand when holding a weak hand that does have the potential to improve later in the round.

Set (poker term)

A hand with three cards of a kind.

Series score (cricket term)

The numerical value at the end of the series, showing how many rounds scored and how many wickets lost for each team.

Seven card stud (poker term)

A variant of poker where each player is dealt seven cards. The first two are dealt facing down and the third one is dealt facing up, followed by a round of betting. The fourth card for each player is also dealt facing up and another round of betting takes place. The process is repeated for the following two cards. The last card is dealt facing down. The winner is the player with the strongest hand of five cards out of the seven available.

Seventh street (poker term)

The last betting round when playing Seven Card Stud.

Shark (poker term)

A skilled poker player looking to take advantage of unexperienced opponents.

Short stack (poker term)

A small amount of chips available when compared to the stakes being played. A short stack is generally of less than 20 big blinds.

Short-handed (poker term)

A poker game with six or fewer players at the table.

Shorten (betting term)

When the bookmaker decreases the odds for a selection due to a large amount of betting. It normally indicates that the selection is more likely to win.

Showdown (poker term)

The presentation of the cards in poker in order to reveal the winning hand once all the betting rounds are complete.

Shut out (sports betting term)

When a team loses without scoring one point.

When the bettor doesn’t get to place the wagers in time.

Side pot (poker term)

A secondary amount of chips created when one or more players go all-in and the action is continued by other players.

Sides (sports betting term)

The two players or teams taking part in the match. Known as the favourite and the underdog.

Single (sports betting term)

A bet made on just one selection. Also called a straight bet.

Single table tournament (STT) (poker term)

A poker tournament against the players seated at one table.

Sixth street (poker term)

The sixth card to be dealt in Seven Card Stud, followed by the fourth betting round.

Slot machine (casino term)

A gaming machine with spinning reels that stop to reveal a random mix of symbols on the screen. Combinations of matching symbols that are formed on active paylines award payouts.

Slow play (poker term)

Playing a strong hand in a deceptive way, betting low and being passive, in order to trick the opponents into thinking the hand is weak.

Small blind (poker term)

The obligatory bet required from the player located in the left seat of the dealer before the cards are dealt. It is normally half the size of the big blind.

Smart money (gambling term)

Bets made by experienced and knowledgeable gamblers.

Smooth call (poker term)

Calling a bet with a strong hand instead of opting for a raise.

Soft hand (blackjack term)

A hand that has an Ace which is currently valued at 11 points, rather than 1.

Special (poker term)

A poker variant that comes with extra features or additional modifications to the rules.

Speed bingo (bingo term)

A type of bingo game where the numbers are selected quickly and winning tickets can have only three matching numbers.

Split hand (blackjack term)

Turning the two initial cards of the same rank into two separate hands. An additional bet is required for the second hand.

Split pair (poker term)

Having two cards of the same rank in Seven Card Stud, with one facing up and the other facing down.

Split pot (poker term)

A pot divided among two or more poker players due to a tie or for different winners in high/low versions.

Sports lottery (lottery term)

A betting pool where participants pay an entry fee and make selections related to sporting events. Gamblers with correct predictions receive payoffs based on the number of participants and winners.

Sportsbook (sports betting term)

A person or company that sets the betting odds and accepts bets.

Spread (sports betting term)

The points added to the underdog and deducted from the favourite for the final result in order to make both sides appear even.

Square (sports betting term)

An inexperienced bettor who often makes mistakes.

Staggered payout (slots term)

Prizes that increase when betting more. For example, some slots machines have jackpots that can only be won when betting the maximum number of coins.

Stakes (poker term)

The amount of money required to buy into the game and use to place bets.

Standoff (poker term)

A situation where two or more players have hands of the same value, resulting in a tie.

Stanley Cup (hockey term)

The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual National Hockey League.

Steam (slots term)

A slots machine that is offering frequent payouts.

Steaming (poker term)

Used to characterize a player who is making poor decisions due to frustration, anger, or mental confusion, usually because of lost hands. Also known as being on tilt.

Sticky bonus (casino term)

A casino bonus that can be used to bet on the games but cannot be withdrawn. It is offered by casinos to give players the opportunity of betting more or at higher stakes.

Store (sports betting term)

A sportsbook that presents betting odds and accepts wagers from players.

Straddle (poker term)

An optional bet that can be made without looking at the hole cards. Typically used by the person after the big blind and it is generally worth twice as much. The option is mostly used in cash games, when the casino allows it.

Straight (poker term)

A hand where the five cards are of consecutive ranks, regardless of their suit. For example, 4-5-6-7-8.

Straight bet (roulette term)

A wager placed on one single number.

Straight bet (sports betting term)

A single wager placed on one selection.

Straight flush (poker term)

A hand made of five cards of consecutive ranks and the same suit, with the exception an Ace-high combination, which is known as a Royal Flush.

Street bet (roulette term)

Betting on three consecutive numbers featured in the same horizonal line on the table. The chips are placed on the edge on either side of the line.

Stud poker (poker term)

A poker variant without community cards. The main two formats are Five Card Stud and Seven Card Stud.

Successful raid (kabaddi term)

When a player manages to enter the court of the opposing team and touches at least one of the opponents, scoring points.

Suit (poker term)

The symbol of the card. There are four suits used in a standard deck of cards: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

Suited connectors (poker term)

Two cards that have consecutive ranks and the same suit. For example, 5 of hearts and 6 of hearts are suited connectors when in the same hand.

Super Bowl (American football term)

The final game in the annual National Football League played to determine the winner of the championship.

Super stud (poker term)

A special poker variant that adds a progressive jackpot to the standard Caribbean Stud game. The jackpot is generally won with a Royal Flush.

Super raid (kabaddi term)

A raid during which the team scores at least three points.

Super Yankee (betting term)

A wager made of 26 bets for five selections.

Sure thing (sports betting term)

A bet that is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Surrender (blackjack term)

Abandoning the hand and getting half of the initial bet back. This feature is only available in some Blackjack variants.

Symbols (slots term)

The icons available on the reels that can create winning combinations after a spin.

System (betting term)

A way of placing three bets or more in a set pattern. Online sportsbooks offer different betting systems directly on the ticket after making the selections.

Table (poker term)

Revealing the hole cards during the showdown.

Take odds (sports betting term)

A bet with unfavourable odds for the other side.

Taking the points (sports betting term)

Placing a wager on the underdog based on the current point spread.

Taking the price (sports betting term)

Placing a wager on the underdog on the set money odds.

Tank (gambling term)

Taking a long time to make a decision in poker or in other casino games.

Tapped out (gambling term)

A casino player who ran out of money.

Teaser (sports betting term)

A wager made of two bets for two different matches. It is possible to adjust the spreads available but the payout will also decrease.

Tells (poker term)

Small expressions, actions, moves, and characteristics that can let opponents know the strength of the hand a player is holding.

Texas blackout (bingo term)

A special version of bingo where the odd or even numbers are considered wild and are marked off from the very start. There is usually a quick draw to reveal which set is wild for the round. For example, if the first number is odd, all odd numbers are wild.

Texas hold'em (poker term)

The most popular poker variant played with two or more participants. Each player receives two cards facing down and a total of five community cards are dealt face up on the table. The winner is the player remaining at the end of the betting rounds with the strongest hand of five cards from the ones available to them.

Third base (blackjack)

The seat on the right of the dealer. The player here is the last one to receive cards and act.

Third street (blackjack)

The round when players receive their third cards and can place their bets.

Three of a kind (poker term)

A hand with three cards that have the same rank.

Tie (sports betting term)

A result where both sides have the same amount of points.

Tight (poker term)

Used to describe players who don’t make a lot of bets and generally play only very strong hands.

Tilt (gambling term)

A losing streak when playing gambling games.

To win the match (cricket term)

A match is won when one team has more runs and the other team has completed all their innings.

To win the toss (cricket term)

Correctly predicting the result of a coin toss and being able to choose the team first to bat. The captains normally make the call while the referee flips the coin.

To win outright (cricket term)

A bet made on a team to win the entire match.

Toke (casino term)

Giving the dealer chips as a tip.

Top pair (poker term)

A pair formed with the highest-ranking card on the board.

Total (sports betting term)

The combined total of points scored by the two teams in a match.

Totals bet (sports betting term)

Betting on the combined number of points scored by both teams in the same match.

Tote (betting term)

A system for pool betting where a group of people put money together in order to bet on a sporting event. The winnings are then divided among the participants.

Trips (poker term)

A way to describe three cards that have the same rank. Also known as three of a kind.

Trixie (betting term)

A wager made out four bets for three selections. It features three doubles and a treble.

True odds (sports betting term)

The actual probability of something to happen. The betting odds provided by bookmakers also includes an added commission.

Turkey (poker term)

A player at the table acting disrespectfully towards the other players and the dealer.

Turn (poker term)

The fourth community card dealt facing up on the board.

Two and three balls betting (golf betting term)

A 2/3 ball bet in golf is a wager on which player in the group will have the lowest score after 18 holes.

Under (sports betting term)

A bet on the result being lower than the amount of points predicted by the bookmaker. The line is generally displayed as an Over/Under amount. For example, the total number of goals scored in a match is set at 4 and bettors can choose to go under or over.

Under the gun (poker term)

The position at the poker table located to the left of the big blind. It is the first to act during the initial round of betting.

Underdog (sports betting term)

The side in a match that is less likely to win.

Underdog (betting term)

Placing a bet on the team less likely to win. The payout will be larger if the team ends up winning the match.

Up card (poker term)

A card dealt facing up so that it can be seen by all players at the table.

Value (sports betting term)

The concept of a selection having a better chance of being successful than the bookmaker odds would imply.

Value bet (poker term)

A bet placed by a player in the hopes of getting called in order to win a larger pot.

Variance (poker term)

A calculation of how much actual results can differ from the expectations that some players have.

Video poker (video poker term)

A casino version of five card draw played on a machine where players are paid according to the strength of their hands.

Vigorish (sports betting term)

The commission taken by the bookmaker when placing bets. Also known as juice or just vig.

Virgin (bingo term)

A number that hasn’t been drawn yet in the current session.

Virtual casino games (casino term)

Online games that can be played on computers, tablets, smartphones, or other devices.

Wager (gambling term)

A bet.

Wagering requirement (casino term)

The amount of times a bonus must be used to play the games before the funds can be withdrawn from the online casino. Also known as playthrough requirements.

Welch (gambling term)

Not paying a bet after losing.

Whale (poker term)

A player who has a large bankroll available but isn’t very skilled at the game.

Wheel (poker term)

An A-2-3-4-5 straight.

Whiff (poker term)

Not getting the needed cards to create a strong hand.

Wild card (poker term)

A card that can play the role of any other card needed to make a strong hand. Jokers are the most commonly used to represent wild cards, but some variants can use other cards, like deuces.

Wild number (bingo term)

A special feature available in some bingo games where a random number is selected and all the numbers with the same last digit can be marked off. For example, if 12 is the wild number, players can mark 2, 12, 22, and so on.

Wild symbol (slots term)

A symbol used in most online slots that can substitute for any other symbol needed to create the highest paying combination in the given situation. Wilds can also multiply the win in some games.

Winning margin (gambling term)

The number of points the team wins by. Bettors can place wagers on the expected amount.

Wired cards (poker term)

A pair formed from the first two cards dealt. In Texas Hold'em, this is known as a pocket pair.

Wiseguy (sports betting term)

A bettor with valuable information about a sporting event that even the bookmakers don’t have, like injuries for example. He has an advantage when placing bets given the better odds.

Yankee (betting term)

A wager made of 11 bets for four selections. Consists of a four-fold accumulator, four trebles, and six doubles.