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Welcome to our hub of casino and sports-book guides. Our experts have created easy-to-follow handbooks to help you place smart bets and give you a greater understanding of the online gambling world.

Our guides cover:

  • How to play poker, slots, roulette, baccarat and blackjack
  • Popular sports betting types, fantasy sports and eSports
  • Key terms you need to know, FAQs, and security measures
Our casino and sports betting guides
Sports betting types
Understand what the different sports bets are and how to place them on your favourite matches and tournaments.
Fantasy football
Want to try your hand at fantasy football? Read our guide first to figure out how it all works.
Fantasy cricket
Cricket is the most popular sport in India, so get the lowdown on what the best fantasy cricket leagues are, how to play, and how to pick a winning team.
Fantasy basketball
Our fantasy basketball guide covers tips and strategies, the best leagues for gamers in India and more.
Our experts tell you about the best eSports to bet on, the biggest tournaments in the industry, and reveal top tips and strategies.
Casino security
Find out how online sports-books and casinos keep your accounts and personal details safe.
Learn what every poker, casino and sports betting term means in our epic glossary.
How to play poker
Learn how to play poker with our beginner’s guide, covering poker hand rankings, terminology and rules.
How to play slots
Our experts help you understand the different slot variants, slot terminology and the general rules of the game.
How to play roulette
Our expert guide to this casino classic tells you everything about the game, including top tips and strategies to help you win.
How to play baccarat
Learn the rules of baccarat through our comprehensive guide for beginners, plus get tips on how to win.
How to play blackjack
Read our guide to find out the rules of baccarat and get some tips. Our experts also explain what the different variants are and how to play for free to practise.
Wagering requirements
What are wagering requirements and how do you meet them? Take some expert advice on this topic with our simple guide.
Legal guide
Is gambling in India legal? Our experts break down a complicated topic and help you understand the law.
Our experts tackle the most frequently asked questions relating to poker, casino and sports betting.
Responsible gambling
How can you spot if you might have a gambling problem? Where and how can you get help if you do?
Privacy policy
Read our privacy policy to find out how we collect and process non-personal information to help enhance the user experience.